I guess there are a lot of stories similar to mine. Probably everyone is dreaming of own successful business like I was. And the idea finally came to me. It was hard immediately to sell some goods, because I didn’t have money to buy them first. So I decided to be a reseller of one popular company, which produces watches. It is good quality watches. Unfortunately or exactly fortunately these watches were not able to buy in my country.  And I decided to become reseller of that watches. The idea of future business is the most important thing, and my idea was good I think.

My first step was making a business plan. It was quite detailed. I have written about my office, office equipment and different software, employees, etc. I wanted everything to be professional, that’s why from the start I have included into business plan all necessary things. I have even decided to buy invoicing software to send invoices to my customers. I didn’t know if the company approves my business plan. I was quite nervous about it. Actually they liked my ideas and we signed a contract.

Maybe it could sound funny, but one of the hardest things for me was finding good invoicing program. I think you will agree that professionally looking invoices make company good image. My friends who are managing enterprises advised me different programs for invoicing, but I didn’t like it. To my mind, all that software was too complicated. I wanted some simple program, which I could use without long manual reading.

After long search and exploring the market I found this invoicing software. I started using it almost immediately. One, two, three and my first invoice was sent. I didn’t expect it to be that simple and fast. Before I started working with invoicing manager I thought that invoicing was rut. It turned up easy and quite pleasant thing. My business became fully tooled and I could efficiently manage it.

It is great to see how your management of the company gives positive results. Actually we managed the company together with my brother and my best friend. So first year benefit we deserved all together. To my mind, invoicing software played no the last role into our success.

5 Nov 2014