How do you deal with inclement weather on road? Does your car have front-end drive, rear drive or four-wheel drive? My car has four-wheel drive and that’s why I feel confident even on ice. I live in highlands so my car is most suitable for me. When I was studying at the driving school I new that I need to buy car that will overcome bad weather conditions. As soon as I got my körkort (driving license in Sweden) after I finally passed theory exam (teoriprov) I bought all-wheel drive car.

I live in the North of Sweden in Kiruna. There is enough show and frost in my town so everyone is ready for winter. It is not less important to make your car ready also. I have private house outside the city. Sometimes I wake up and see about 30 cm of snow everywhere. For children it is fun and happiness, but for me it is nightmare. It takes about hour to clean exit from home to the road. Sometimes I am thinking of living in the South and don’t see snow anymore. On the other hand, it is good morning exercise to clean all snow around. I have an option not to clean my car, but go to work by bus. I did that way when I haven’t my körkort. Way from home to bus stop takes half an hour, so I prefer to clean snow and go by car. There are also advantages of living in the North. We don’t need to go to Courchevel because we have ski resort in our town where we go for skiing and sledding with children.

5 Nov 2014