Since I have tried invoicing program I can’t imagine my business without it. But I have met some problems recently. The thing is that my billing software is installed on the computer at my office. On weekend I received an e-mail from the customer, who wanted to buy something. He wanted to make prepayment as soon as possible, so I had to issue an invoice to him. I changed my weekend plans and went to the office in order to issue him an invoice. After that I started thinking about my invoicing program. I have concluded that it should be reachable from different computers and places. Fortunately, there was a solution. I was advised to use online billing software.

I got used to my billing software and was very upset, that I have to choose another program for invoicing. I got over the difficulties and bought membership for online billing software. I had tried demo version before to be sure that the program meets my requirements.

Actually there was no reason for my worrying. I liked the new online billing software very much. I could reach it from every computer in office, from my home and even from my phone. Summer time came and I leaved for a vacation. Usually I ask someone to do invoicing instead of me, when I’m not in office. This year I didn’t have to do it. Every morning during my vacation I checked orders from customers, connected to online billing software and sent out invoices. It took me some 15 minutes every morning. It is very convenient if you are self-employed person or have small enterprise and no one could replace you.

I truly recommend you to try online billing software and I’m sure that you will not regret it!

5 Nov 2014